Introducing the newest addition to our Financial Aid Suite - Vocado Clear™

Event-Triggered Workflows +
Embedded Rules +
Intelligent Visibility =
Streamlined Operations &
Inherent Systemic Compliance




While you might confuse our name with a well-known fruit, you won’t be confused by our solution.

Vocado offers a game changing financial aid management solution with the most comprehensive capabilities available today.

Using embedded expert rules and event triggered workflows, Vocado guides users through procedures, ensuring compliance, maximizing student success and bringing a new level of automation to Term-Based, Non-Term, and Non-standard Term Schools alike.

Come, have a taste!

Compliant Financial Aid Management

Vocado’s is not just an application. It’s an expert system leveraging embedded rules, event triggered workflows, and intelligent visibility. Vocado actively manages the financial aid process end-to-end, and automatically takes appropriate actions guided by embedded expert rules based on DOE regulations and school specific configurations — driving lower operational costs, an improved student experience and overall systemic compliance.

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Eliminate ISIR Backlogs

Relieve the pain and increase the success of student financial aid eligibility by automating your ISIR process with Vocado Clear. An advanced software solution, Vocado Clear streamlines both the student and administrative sides of financial aid eligibility. The entire process becomes automated, while still allowing you to customize it to your needs. With Vocado Clear, everyone gains real-time visibility into the tasks and documents needed to achieve eligibility. The result is greater student satisfaction and more time for your staff to focus on other important tasks.

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Student Accounting

Gain clear views into all student general ledgers, payment schedules, and revenue ledgers with integrated Student Accounting tools from Vocado partners. You’ll know when funds will be received with predictable cash flow and revenue recognition, along with integrated reconciliation. Gaps in student funding can be quickly detected and payment plans automatically created and tracked. Refund ledgers can also be automatically calculated and adjusted.

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Vocado Integration

Our financial aid management solution integrates with virtually any other application or database, thanks to a flexible, open framework, built on secure and common communication protocols. So you're able to get up and running quickly and efficiently while maintaining your existing systems and processes. It doesn’t matter whether your institution uses PeopleSoft, Oracle, SalesForce, or various other accounting, student information, or document management systems — all can serve as data partners for Vocado.

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