About Us

Vocado was created by a team of software innovators with deep experience in developing enterprise systems that address complex financial aid management processes. We understand schools as well as we do software solutions.

Our mission at Vocado is simple but ambitious: Offer solutions that use comprehensive automation to deliver highly reliable, consistent, and compliant results for financial aid functions. Results that streamline operations and improve the student financial aid experience.

Until now, software solutions for higher education have been stubbornly parked in the past, involving manual processes that make it difficult and costly to keep up with increasingly complex and ever-changing federal rules and regulations. By contrast, Vocado is designed specifically for institutions of higher education to ensure compliance while reducing financial aid processing effort.

Vocado delivers a solution that completely automates all financial aid processes, including those for the complex (and ever-evolving) Borrower-Based Academic Year (BBAY) schools.

How can Vocado automate such complex tasks? At the heart of the Vocado solution is a process-management workflow engine that guides users through procedures, ensures compliance, and maximizes student success. The result is a level of automation and integration—previously unavailable—that can manage both Term and Non-Term BBAY school operations.

At Vocado, we believe that good technology should be powerful, easy to use, transparent, and yield measurable results. So that’s the way we designed it!