Total Student Information

Workflow is fully integrated with all Desks including Leads, Reception, Registrar and Financial Aid Management. Built-in checks ensure adherence to proper enrollment procedures. A process chain lists students “to be processed” at each stage as they move though the Admissions steps. And, alerts for pending student actions including “missing documents and tests to be taken” ensure that nothing is missed. 

Key School Optimizers

Student Program Enrollment – Ensures data received is valid and complete; ensures that all required documents and tests are provided. 

Form Completion – Integrated enrollment process streamlines inter-user collaboration eliminating uncontrolled interactions. Reduces user driven form errors and omissions.

Student Follow-up - Reminder-based system automates lead follow up and sell through effectiveness.


Vocado In Action


Nothing slips by with Vocado Alerts, Actions, & Dashboards.

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