Competency based education-The Latest Initiative emphasized in Florida

June 10 2016  The need of the competency based education seems rising in view of the growing demand of technical skills and specialization in various markets. Recently states have been taking serious steps in this regard, enabling the institutions to promote competency based education of the students that can later turn them into competent candidates.  Recently, in May, one such move has been seen when Florida educational experts and leaders met to advance competency based education and degree programs, so as to entice adults for returning to college and advance acquire competency in their respective fields of study.

In a two-day workshop carried out at The University of West Florida Innovation Institute, Dr. Pam Northrup, CEO of UWF Innovation institute and its senior associate provost, urged the need for competency based degree program throughout United States. He states that with competency based education, the students would be able to earn credit for the skills and knowledge they have acquired on the job and in this way, much time and cost would be saved towards the degree. He also states that competency based education is especially suitable for the students or adults returning to college.

As far as the advantages of such education are concerned, these are as follows (also highlighted in the workshop):

  • Competency based education needs students to practically demonstrate clearly defined and specific knowledge and skills.
  • Students are able to learn at their own pace, since courses are not based on credit hours nor any traditional calendar is followed.


Competency based education is a new approach that would make degrees more valuable and meaningful to students and turn them more marketable for the employers, by giving them academic credit for the work experience. The workshop also presented a proposal as a part of Complete Florida, a statewide program to help adults with college credit return to college for earning their degree.