Dental Hygienist School Management Software

Vocado is an excellent software solution for Dental Hygenist schools. Our end-to-end solution will get your hygenists registered, set up with financial aid, and tracked for the entire student lifecycle on their way to getting placed in a dental practice. 

Vocado’s workflow-based engine is called StudentFlow™.  It guides users through the multiple facets of various dental school management. Vocado manages information seamlessly providing flexible reports, alerts and management tools for all levels – staff, management, and director.

The ability to define tasks, send them between school administrators, and ultimately trace them within a workflow -- are all mandatory requirements of any school management system. Vocado does this and takes it one step further. Proactive alerts provide notification for impending or late tasks and can be viewed all the way up the management reporting chain.

Vocado In Action


Active Students List - Easily view actions against each student & track action changes.

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