Fully Automated Packaging

Multiple Starts. Crossover Awards. Annual/Aggregate Limits. Proration. Transfers. Re-entries.

Vocado’s Financial Aid Packaging Algorithm automatically aggregates data including a student's program schedule, program charges and history, student accounting data, Title IV eligibility information, and all Department of Education data (including ISIR, NSLDS and COD).

Then the academic year, loan period, and payment period structure are automatically defined based on both the Department of Education and your school guidelines, leveraging embedded rules for credits, weeks, transfer units, prorations, re-entries, payment periods, etc.

All awards are then calculated and scheduled automatically, based on department rules and academic year structure. Vocado automatically transmits package data to COD, manages any exceptions, generates awards, and manages the active/passive confirmation process.

Finally, if schools elect to use active confirmation, all interactions with the student to accept funding are automated.

Vocado In Action


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