New Student Aid Bill of Rights Helps Students Pay Loans

The US President Barack Obama has finally approved the much awaited bill that would deplete the mounting pressures on College. The bill promises to cut the rising financial and loan burdens on the students in the US. It will help them get the quality education by easily paying their bills every month. According to a statement issued by the White House, the ‘Student Aid Bill of Rights’ is now approved by the President in order to fulfil the four basic rights of students in the US. Every student in the US has the right to get quality and affordable education, pay for this education easily, access the information and customer services in order to complete his/her education in the country and to get an affordable repayment plan for loans.

The President is keen to minimize the grueling loan problems for students in the US. He has also ordered the respective departments to launch a website that will be fully dedicated towards solving borrowers’ problems. The press release touted that the President will sign another Presidential Memorandum directing the Department of Education to help more borrowers in the country.

The President as also ordered a complete review of the monthly payment cycles and policies of the student loans in order to devise a plan for helping those borrowers who have difficulties playing their loans.

Dianne Miller, Cornell’s director of federal relations praised President Obama’s initiative to help the students in their financial issues and said that the government’s latest announcements are completely in line with the university’s goal to help the students in every aspect of their studies.