Full range of Academics functions covered. Alerts include imminent student starts; missing attendance, grades, or SAP; and warnings when students have not attended for some time.  Registrars can clear students to start, cancel enrollments prior to start, record no-shows, track Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), make contract addendums, and request and manage Leave of Absence (LOA). 

Key School Optimizers 

Streamline Student Attendance Entries – Integration with time-clock and other attendance gathering devices provides live attendance data thus removing bottlenecks and increasing speed for all processes including SAP, disbursements, and exit processing.

Easily Manage Student LOA – From request to authorization and from start to end, the Registrar is in complete control of the LOA process. Registrars are alerted when students will return from LOA or if they fail to return and should be dropped.

Easily Manage Student SAP – The SAP process is completely automated. No longer manually retrieve information from multiple paper sources. Yields higher data accuracy and process efficiency.

Vocado In Action


Active Students List - Easily view actions against each student & track action changes.

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