The New Way to Manage Financial Aid

With Vocado, schools can expect to reduce overall financial aid effort by 80 to 90 percent, with some financial aid processes being automated to 100 percent.

Students pursue an education to prepare for their future. It follows that colleges and universities need the most up-to-date tools to efficiently serve their students, especially when it comes to integrating and managing student financial aid.

Your school’s financial aid program focuses on achieving quality, government compliance, and creating a positive student experience. All are equally important. But your current system is probably not equal to the task.

Traditional financial aid management solutions can slow down or get in the way of these goals. Consequently, Financial Aid Advisors must complete many administrative tasks manually, reducing the amount of time they can be
available to help students. Then there’s the risk of potentially embarrassing audit findings.

The Old Way

  • Systems do not adequately address the current requirements for accuracy, consistency and timeliness
  • Financial Aid Advisors often jump through hoops to figure out what must be done, resulting in unnecessary, unproductive steps
  • Manual, complicated tasks require a high degree of financial aid and system expertise, resulting in expensive, never-ending training costs
  • Details often fall through the cracks when other users aren't alerted of follow-up tasks
  • Processes are typically user-driven instead of workflow-driven

The New Way: Vocado

As a fully automated solution, Vocado is not just an application. It's an expert system for financial aid management that’s easy to use and allows you to focus more time on advising students.

Vocado combines embedded rules and event-triggered workflows, plus intelligent visibility for streamlined operations and inherent systemic compliance.

Embedded Rules – Vocado actively manages all financial aid processes end-to-end, automatically taking all the actions it can on its own based on embedded expert rules.

Event-Triggered Smart Workflows – When user-input is required, Vocado prompts the user, guiding within process confines, then smartly picks up where it left off.

Intelligent Visibility – Users have a full view into everything as it happens.

Why Vocado?

  • Simplifies and streamlines the entire financial aid process
  • Automates yet allows schools complete control over the process and individual student cases
  • Reliable, consistent compliance results
  • Rapid availability of student funds
  • Faster financial aid processing time
  • Scalable to hundreds of thousands of students, tens of thousands of transactions per hour
  • Helps students achieve their educational dreams!

Vocado In Action


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