Vocado is a real-time student data intelligence platform

that improves higher education funding, enrollment and performance through AI-enabled student finance management & actionable analytics to provide financial success for institutions and students.


With Vocado, you can manage each student’s financial plan individually and provide real-time visibility into a student’s entire program – supporting better informed financial decisions and optimized outcomes.


Unique Capabilities


Because Vocado manages each student’s financial plan independently and provides real-time visibility into a comprehensive, multi-year plan, Students get instant feedback on the financial implications of their academic behavior — empowering them to make both better informed academic & borrowing decisions. Vocado’s Student Portal further increases student satisfaction by be delivering timely and accurate information directly to the student. Vocado’s Student Portal offers maximum flexibility with an out-of-the box implementation for rapid deployment with minimal customization, or you can integrate portal functionality seamlessly into your existing student portal.

Multi-Academic Model Support

Most FA solutions are not able to address the new flexible (and far more complex) academic models to accommodate the 21st learner. Vocado is designed specifically to simultaneously support all academic models giving institutions the flexibility to embrace new learning models (online and offline). Because Vocado manages each student independently of any other student, Non-term, Standard Term, Nonstandard term and Competency-Based Education students can all be managed in the same environment in parallel.

Comprehensive Fund Management

Vocado allows institutions to define an infinitely flexible set of funds (State Grant, Private Loans, Institutional Grants/Loans, Scholarships, etc.) leveraging data from all ecosystem software, matching funding sources and criteria (public & private) in real time to student financing requirements. We also enable real-time synchronization & micro reconciliation with government systems to eliminate discrepancies. Ultimately, reducing effort and complexity of annual audits.

Student Outcomes

The Vocado solution goes beyond just processing financial aid, it helps to improve outcomes for all stakeholder metrics: borrowing, default, graduation and placement. Not to mention improvements in student experience, visibility & satisfaction. Vocado customers have also seen significant gains in time-to-aid eligibility and time-to-first disbursement.


Using AI, Vocado creates a paradigm shift in the type and the way student finance and academic data is collected and managed. Real-time integration and management of student finance data and student lifecycle event triggers enables the unique ability to perform predictive/prescriptive analytics on student lifecycle patterns, driving proactive actions to improve student outcomes and institutional performance.


Our platform integrates with virtually any other application or database, thanks to a flexible, open technology framework, built on secure and common communication protocols. So you’re able to get up and running quickly while maintaining your existing systems and processes. It doesn’t matter whether your institution uses Oracle/PeopleSoft, SalesForce or various other student information, CRM, accounting or document management systems — all can serve as data partners for Vocado.