Our Story

It’s taken more than five years, 19 third-party applications integrations, and over two million lines of code. Now you get to enjoy the benefits. Yes, we’re a team of software innovators, but that only scratches the surface. You see, we understand how schools operate as well as we do software. And equally as important, we understand how to build enterprise systems that address complex financial aid management processes. But all that said…

Our mission at Vocado is focused on improving the financial aid experience. Our student finance management and data analytics platform delivers significant improvements across key areas:

  • Enrollment speed
  • Operational & financial efficiency
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Student financing speed & accuracy

The foundation of the Vocado platform is a powerful AI-based processing engine that captures student information and provides optimal funding alternatives for tuition (including grants and available scholarships), with an actionable analytics engine.

Vocado milestones to date:

  • Amount of financial aid processed: $1 billion 
  • Number of students on production systems: 150,000 
  • Number of funding sources supported: 9,000
  • Student edge cases tested: 250,000+ 

Vocado is also flexible enough to handle both traditional and new, emerging academic models. We believe that good technology should be powerful, easy to use, transparent, and yield measurable results.

At Vocado, we deliver on that ideal daily.

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