How To Spend More Time With Students, Less On Process

As a financial aid administrator, you’re responsible for serving as an advisor and advocate for students. At the same time, you safeguard your institution by securing vital funding, all while carefully ensuring regulatory compliance.

It’s a lot to manage. And we empathize. Even better, we offer a solution.

Vocado provides financial aid officers the ability to alleviate or eliminate the negative aspects of financial aid for students, while accentuating the positive by providing a smoother, more efficient experience. 

Rise Above the Paperwork

Vocado helps administrators rise above tedious paperwork and processing to become true advisors for students—making sure they’re getting the best possible aid and use of their funds.

You could spend hours studying new Department of Education regulations each year. (It still wouldn’t be enough.) Why not take advantage of new tools that can help you manage the complexity created by such rules? Then go spend your time better elsewhere.

Connect Aid with Academics

With Vocado, you’re able to spend less time on process and more time helping individual students make the connection between aid and academics.


How Vocado Helps Improves Student Satisfaction and Outcomes

Learn more about how to streamline the financial aid process while improving the experience and outcome for students.